Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Disappointments and moving on will you be okay with that?

Anything we worship can become our god. God is a jealous God. We are not to exalt anything higher than God. For anything can turn into worship even our home our children, money and oh yes even ministry. We can want something so bad and yet not be thankful for what we already have. The enemy can syc us up to live to get the things. Even preachers thinking that we are living to be used instead of living to glorify the true and living God. Thinking that one is not blessed if we are not in a certain position or status. A few years ago I felt that if I weren't ministering my life was over  as a result I got so angry and depressed. I also threw my Preaching Robe in a trash bag because I felt I was done with this preaching competition stuff that many churches play. You know the respect of persons game. (Instead of seeking God). I was often belittled by leaders to make it appear that aint nothing to me (burying my gifts instead of pushing it). It appeared that some leaders if they had their way they would remove the anointing out of me and put it in their first choice of picks.
It seemed like God would anoint me even the more with His Holy fire to preach, It just didn't make sense to me!
One of my sisters in Christ found it and few months later she asked me were you looking for this (I mean the robe)
 One of the apostles quoted that whatever state you find yourself in be content yes thankful in it. Don't complain! Godliness with contentment is great gain. Complaining is the biggest hinderous we can do to ourselves. Why not worship the true and living God. Promotion comes from God but remaining in position is up to the individual. Stay in Worship mode unto the Lord.
In my mind I thought that if I didn't preach all over the world I failed God but  everyday that I woke up was a witness to my family my, neighbors yes even my enemies, that God is still good to me. After all I have been through we are stronger more resilient and victorious. Will God be even pleased when he returns that we learned how to praise Him in the storm and not blame him for the storm. Our God is still a good God. If one doesn't get everything in life (Maybe some of the things) but yet receive eternal life and our names written in Heaven. For a mans life does not consist of the things that he possess.Will one be okay with that. If one never gets an apology from the ones that have hurt us or even other disappointments that seemed unnecessary to go through.  A question to think about will you be okay with that? I accepted that I will be okay with it. By faith learning to love unconditionally. Reader never get frustrated because of delayed opportunities. Abraham and Sarah had to wait yet God brought to pass everything that was spoken. Delay does not mean deny (God is faithful because he is full of faith). Through rejection God is pulling us up out of hopelessness to bring us where he is: faithfulness and dependability. Love suffers long and is kind. God wants us to be able to move on and Worship Him only.  We can acknowledge, appreciate, be thankful for people and things but it's God alone that deserves our true worship.